Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cats on a shelf

In my craft room I have three cats, not living breathing cats but decorator cats from Heartwood creek.  These three cats are my patchwork cats, "Abraham" who is tall and proud, is a ginger star block cat, "Abigail" is well fed, a nine patch block cat and "Felicity" has an hour glass block in green and white.   They are the only cats I own now, but, before I moved house I had a beautiful grey and white male cat named "Jazz".    A friend found this gorgeous cat as a small kitten, he was born under a relatives house and along with his brothers and sisters were to be handed over to the cat rescue.     When my friends partner arrived with a big cardboard box and we saw the little fluffy bundle inside it was love at first sight, he reminded me so much of the cat we had years before, in fact almost identical.     Jazz was a wonderful cat right from the start, he would stand by the door when he wanted to go outside and then rattle the screen door when he wanted to come back inside.      In the morning he would gently touch my face to wake me, obviously to hurry and feed him.     He spent most of the afternoon under the lavender bush having a nap, when it rained he would stretch out along the back of a lounge chair and look out the window, over the years he amused us in more ways than I can tell you, he was a part of the family.    He was with us for eleven years before he went missing, just disapeared one afternoon while I was packing to move.    After considerable searching and notes left in the local shops I had to leave without him, my neighbours reasuring me if he turned up they would notify me.    It has now been over fours years and I have not adopted another cat, I believe it would be difficult to find such another amazing cat to replace him with.